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Who We Are & What We Do

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Early Beginnings


Gerry Sills and Sandra Blumberg-Beatty co-founded The Do Gooders in 2006. Originally coined “The Angels”, a small group of friends met once a month for lunch. One month Sills suggested that instead of dining at a  restaurant, the group should provide their own lunch and donate the money to charity instead. Blumberg-Beatty suggested that the mission should focus on distressed children and families in the Philadelphia region, and coined the group’s new name as “The Do Gooders”.



Over the past seventeen years, The Do Gooders has grown to over sixty members. They continue to “do good” for the Philadelphia Community through small grants, donations and volunteer efforts.

Charities We Have Served

  • Woodmere Art Museum  Childrens Programming

  • Project Home 

  • Legacy Youth Center 

  • Eddie’s House 

  • Rubye’s Kids 

  • Ronald McDonald House 

  • Logan Hope School 

  • Painted Bride Arts 

  • Children’s Crisis and Treatment Center 

  • Tilt Institute 

  • Young Scholars 

  • Laurel House 

  • Tree House Books 

  • Hank Gathers Community Center 

  • Jewish Family and Children’s Services 

  • Dancing Classrooms 

  • Mama Tee’s Kitchen


to enrich the lives of at-risk children, families, and individuals in the Greater Philadelphia area by volunteering and providing small grants to both distressed individuals and families in addition to organizations serving their needs.

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